Spiny Oyster Beads


  • 4X6mm Rice
  • 5-7mm Chips 
  • 6mm Rondell Red 
  • 6mm Rondell Orange
  • 8-9mm Rondell Red
  • 8-9mm Rondell Orange
  • 10X15mm Oval Red
  • 10X15mm Oval Orange
  • 5-10mm Graduated Chicklet Orange
  • 6-16mm Graduated Rondell Red
  • 6-16mm Graduated Rondell Orange
  • 6 Piece Small Corns Set (White, Red, Orange)
  • 10 Piece Large Corns Set (White, Red, Orange)


Please call the store for current prices, selection, and availability.

In order to clarify the difference between Lion’s Paw and Spiny Oyster, note that Lion’s Paw beads will have a mix of both purple and orange colors and will never have red in it, whereas Spiny Oyster will be a single color mixed with white. Spiny Oyster can be found in red, purple, OR orange color. Much of the time, Spiny Oyster will exhibit small holes created by sea worms that live in the shell.

Spiny Oyster Shell
Lion's Paw Shell

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