Malachite Beads

Malachite is a show-stopper with its rich bands of emerald and sea green. This copper-based stone lends itself to being cut into beautiful beads which can be integrated into many beaded jewelry designs. Due to the difficulties in mining and cutting this gorgeous gem, it has become somewhat rare but still remains a highly sought-after stone. 


It is believed malachite is a cleansing and protective crystal for the industrialized world. It cleanses the auric field and aids the heart, stomach, liver, and lungs.

It eases migraines, kick-starts the immune system, and makes body and mind feel refreshed each new day.

(ref. Healing Crystals - Cassandra Eason)


  • 6mm Smooth Round
  • 8mm Smooth Round

Prices start at $26/strand. Please call the store for current prices and availability.


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