Jet Beads

Jet is categorized as an organic stone, due to its origin as wood. It is naturally solid black which lends itself to be a great supporting bead in a jewelry design or as a classy central element. Here at Thomason Stone Supply, we carry a variety of sizes and shapes of Mongolian Jet.


Jet is believed to be naturally protective, especially if there has been bereavement or divorce in a family. Jet will stabilize finances and help you to take practical steps to overcome debt problems.

(ref. Healing Crystals - Cassandra Eason) 


  • 6mm Heishi
  • 8mm Button
  • 4mm Rondell
  • 6mm Rondell
  • 8mm Rondell
  • 8x16 Rice
  • 12x35 rice - $14.00/strand
  • 4mm Rough Round
  • 16" - 4-10mm Rondell
  • 16" - 4-12mm Graduated Button
  • 8mm Smooth Round
  • 10mm Smooth Round
  • 4mm Chicklet
  • 6mm Chicklet
  • 3X5mm Barrel 
  • 6X8mm Barrel
  • 6mm Faceted Round
  • 8mm Faceted Round 


Prices start at $8/strand. Please call the store for current prices and availability.


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