Garnet Beads

Here at Thomason Stone Supply, we carry a wide array of bead shapes in this classic pink to deep red stone, ranging from beautiful sparkling briolettes and faceted strands to rounds and rectangles. Many strung beaded jewelry designs can start from a beautiful strand of garnet beads.


Garnet is believed to protect against those who would steal your possessions, ideas, or credit for work.

Can be used for a pet unhappy about being left at home when its owner goes to work.

(ref. Healing Crystals - Cassandra Eason)


  • 3mm Smooth Round
  • 4mm Smooth Round
  • 6mm Smooth Round
  • 2mm Faceted Round
  • 3mm Faceted Round
  • 4mm Square
  • Corner-Drill Square
  • 5mm Funky Rondell
  • Tube
  • Long-Drill Leaf
  • 4X8mm Smooth Tear Drop
  • Flat Tear Drop 


Prices start at $8/strand. Please call the store for current prices and availability.

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