Carnelian Beads

Carnelian beads are fashioned from a striated agate which ranges in color from dark brown to fiery red, orange, and yellow. It can be combined with other stone beads such as browner garnet beads and turquoise to create beautiful strung beaded jewelry.


Carnelian is believed to be associated with the solar plexus chakra, the crystal energizes your system and fills you with confidence and courage. Carnelian removes doubt and despair and reminds you of your unique strengths.

(ref. Healing Crystals - Cassandra Eason)


  • 4mm Smooth Round
  • 6mm Smooth Round
  • 8mm Smooth Round
  • 5mm Faceted Coin
  • 2mm Faceted Round
  • 4mm Faceted Round
  • 7-8mm Nugget
  • 8X10mm Rectangle
  • 16mm Faceted Rondell
  • 7-8mm Diamond Sliced Rectangle
  • 6mm Rough Cube
  • 14-24mm Graduated Faceted Rondell


Prices start at $5/strand. Please call the store for current prices and availability.

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