Apple Coral Beads

Apple coral beads are naturally a rich orangey-red color which brings life to many beaded jewelry pieces. It is a stunning partner for turquoise beads and is often used in Native American jewelry. We carry a variety of beautiful apple coral at Thomason Stone Supply.


Apple Coral is commonly known as sponge coral. It grows on shallow reefs in the South China sea. It is used widely in the jewelry industry because it is economical, grows quickly, and is sustainable. Due to its porous nature, the coral must be stabilized (filled with resin or epoxy) to be used in jewelry.


  • 4mm Smooth Round
  • 6mm Smooth Round
  • 8mm Smooth Round
  • 6mm Rondell
  • 8mm Rondell
  • 6mm Antique Square Corner Drill 
  • 10mm Antique Square
  • 10mm Antique Square Corner Drill
  • 4mm Chicklet
  • 6mm Chicklet 
  • 3X5mm Barrel
  • 6X8mm Barrel
  • 8X10mm Barrel 
  • 3mm Heishi
  • 6mm Heishi
  • 13X18mm Smooth Oval
  • 6-20mm Graduated Smooth Rondell


Prices start at $6/strand. Please call the store for current prices and availability.

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