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Occasionally we come across really cool material that not a lot of local merchants carry. Some of that material is dinosaur bone and wampum. 



Dinosaur Bone Beads

  1. Dino bone or gembone is around 150-200 million years old
  2. It is found in ancient river beds, conglomerates, sedimentary deposits and Morrison Clay.
  3. Most dinosaur fossils are found in the Morrison Formation which is a distinctive sequence of Upper Jurassic sedimentary rock that is found in the western United States.
  4. The cells are replaced with a variety of minerals such as chalcedony, calcite, hematite, iron, pyrite, marcasite, quartz and agate.
  5. Different minerals add different colors.
  • Iron adds red, orange, browns, and black
  • Sulfur adds yellow
  • Copper adds green and blue
  • Manganese adds pink and pastels
  • Silica causes white and gray


We carry a variety of shapes such as chips, center drilled nuggets, rectangles, ovals and heishi. Call for pricing and availabilty. 


Wampum is a traditonal shell bead of the Eastern Woodlands tribes of North America. The purple and white beads were woven in various patterns representing the tribes and exchanged as treaties.  The white beads are made from welk shell, and the purple is from the quahog or North Atlantic hard-shelled clam.

We carry the wampum shells in a 6mm roundel. Call for pricing and availabilty. 

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